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December 12, 2008

N97. Will it change me?

LONDON, UK – When you anticipate a device, you often envisage how you will use it, and believe that it’s new features will adjust the way you will behave. Take the N97. I see it being the real breakthrough device for me to begin seriously using email on the move. Something I imagined i’d do when I first got my N95 a couple of years ago. But it didn’t happen.

I remember waiting for the N95. Waiting for it and imagining how I’d use it and exploit its technical skill-set to improve my mobile existence – email, video calling, listening to music, the list goes on. Sure, I’ve moved onto the N95 8GB more recently, but fundamentally the bones of the device remain the same, and indeed it has improved my mobile existence, but nothing like how imagined it would. Will this happen with the N97 when I finally get one? Will it defy expectation, change my mobile behavior, or simply reinforce it?

Today I rely on my N95 8GB for things that I never consciously associated with it in the anticipation process of owning one – I never saw myself religiously checking the BBC news headlines every morning at the breakfast or relying on it as a tool for to video journaling key moments in my life, like my daughter’s first crawl two months ago and my three-year-old boy driving a boat on a lake in Austria, or finding the nearest coffee shop with GPS and Maps. Point is, my mobile behavior has altered as a result, and in what I see as a positive, valuable and essential way.

With that in mind I’m excited to see how the N97 will change things, and how it could change me.

Do you envisage such scenarios of use when you anticipate owning a new device? Are your expectations normally met, or do you share a similar experience to mine?