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December 15, 2008

N85 and N79 step onto US soil

NEW YORK, USA – News of the N97 injected an understandable yet near-paralyzingly excited and blinkered view on the Nokia of tomorrow, but with the N85 and N79 landing Stateside today it pulls pertinent focus on the Nokia and Nseries of today. See, here’s a duo of handsets that, like the N97, were keen to innovate in classic Nseries style – the N85 in part with it’s OLED and battery talents, while the N79 shook things up with its custom design quirks.

So with this in mind, it seems only fitting to revisit these devices, and highlight some of the videos and articles that engaged back when the N85 and N79 were first showcased to the world back in August.

Click through for the full lowdown and videos.

Nokia N85

Nokia N79

N85 snips the safety cord with sharp OLED and battery skills The new N85 is openly pushing the envelope on the power-friendly front to ensure we feel more relaxed and uninhibited about using those favoured battery-intensive features to the fullest. Continue reading >>

N79 automatically tailored to taste The N79 comes with a handful of interchangeable Xpress-on covers that feature an embedded chip to enable the replacement of a cover to automatically trigger the on-screen theme to morph accordingly. So, with this in mind it’s interesting to consider the possibility of your physical taste being able to influence or at least suggest the sorts of things you might like to find on your phone. Continue reading >>