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December 17, 2008

Nokia Image Exchange emerges

GLOBAL – The team over at Beta Labs has just released a new beta app dubbed Nokia Image Exchange.

At first glance I cynically wondered why this app was even created, what with Share on Ovi essentially being an ‘image exchange’ service, but on downloading the software it soon becomes clear that the nuances of difference between the two services show that the team behind the app is looking to explore and refine other elements of photo sharing and image galleries.

Read on to find out more about this intriguing new beta app and watch a video of it in action.

Touted as “an experimental image gallery” on the Beta Labs download page, Image Exchange provides you with a slick image gallery app that runs on your device, automatically sending your photos via your data network or Wi-Fi to its corresponding online site whenever you take a snap, saving photos to a private account that is also automatically set-up. The idea behind it, is that it’s super simple to share, sync and browse your photos in style – the image gallery is extremely smart and you’re able to comment and alter pics on both your device and desktop, and Image Exchange will sync any changes you make. It’s this integration of image gallery, remote commenting and auto sharing that really separates this from Share on Ovi.

Davin Wong is one of the key developers on Image Exchange, and as with any app featured on Beta Labs is keen to get your feedback, should you fancy downloading it. In this short clip he steps in front of the lens to walk you through the service.