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December 17, 2008

Nokia Messaging goes live

GLOBAL –  Don’t all rush at once, but the brand new Nokia Messaging app has just gone live. We would have written this story earlier, but we’ve been busy installing (really easy) and playing with it (really good!). The new app can cope with up to 10 different email addresses including Gmail, and this latest release of the software (9.4), the app has been running in Beta for the last few months, packs a host of new features.

The new release includes an improved interface with access to different mail folders and better sorting options. I set it up on my E71 and it works like a dream, with a simple upgrade from my account on Setting up and syncing a new account is so much faster than the experience I had in Beta and so far the app is sending and receiving mail faster than I’m getting it on my PC.

Some other neat features include flagged messages automatically getting starred messages in Gmail, mail sent from the phone now syncing with the server and multiple IMAP folders can now be set up to sync along with your main inbox.

The app is still free for users whilst it’s in the trial period, but will ultimately be available through operator plans. If you haven’t already, we suggest you pop along to and have a play. Don’t forget to stop back here and let us know what you think though.