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December 19, 2008

Widgets getting a boost

ESPOO, Finland – Forum Nokia works hard to help developers create and promote applications on the S60 platform and now developers have been given an extra boost in the form of a new widget development platform. Nokia WRT Plugin for Aptana Studio is the latest release from Forum Nokia and gives developers the opportunity to create widgets for S60, without knowing anything about S60. Aptana Studio is a popular development environment and this plugin means existing users will be able easily turn their attention to S60 as a potential platform.

For users this means a boost in the number of Widgets available. I’ve long seen widgets as one of the next big boosters to using the web on our mobiles, with specific applications using the Internet in smart and clever ways – ideal for your handset, really.

S60 widgets use standard web technologies including HTML and JavaScript, making them relatively easy to create. Adding this plugin for Aptana Studio will make the process even easier.

Do you have a favourite widget you use all the time? Do you have one that isn’t yet available on S60? Let us know in the comments below.