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December 23, 2008

Best of 2008 in Design – Headphones

GLOBAL – Sometimes it’s the stories that come out of nowhere that blindside you with excited response and become almost cult in their popularity. The piece we ran on the Music Headset Almighty Competition was one such happening, striking a chord with you right here on Conversations, and spreading its tendrils across some of the most popular sites on the planet, including Engadget and

Now, popularity isn’t what made us choose this creative competition as one of the best stories of 2008 in Design (although collective hysteria always helps).

It should take a bow because here’s an event that truly inspired and engaged a huge cross-section of people with an interest in design, from the dabblers to the virtuosos. Not only that, the Music Headset Almighty Competition sparked an unfussy, uncomplicated sense of fun when it comes to design. No frustrating submission hurdles or confusing judging processes (with anyone able to vote), it was more about entering and seeing your design alongside the others than winning.

The designs and response speaks volumes (sorry). So we raise our glasses to the Music Headset Almighty Competition.

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