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December 24, 2008

Best of 2008 in Environment – Mobile phone chargers

GLOBAL – 2008 was the year that saw mobile phone chargers become a serious talking point and their shortfalls actively and openly addressed. The lifeblood of our devices, phone chargers have in many cases been rightly demonized for wasting energy, but this year we’ve witnessed the beginnings of a revolutionary change.

Here on Conversations we’ve talked about their vampirish ways, championed new design concepts such as the Zero Waste charger, debated the entire charger issue from a number of angles and reported on one of the most fundamental game-changers in the history of mobile chargers – the energy efficiency star rating system that is being introduced to help you, me and the next person pick a mobile phone charger that echoes our sustainability-minded leanings.

This topic struck a chord with you guys too, sparking some great conversation, interesting ideas and insightful comments whenever touched upon.

It’s great to know we’re part of a community where this stuff genuinely matters and is help up as significant. So thanks for being involved and speaking up, as we really value all your input.

So viva the great phone charger revolution of 2008! Long may it continue to evolve and improve to the benefit of the environment.

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