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December 24, 2008

Best of 2008 in Environment – Packaging

LONDON, England – Earlier this year we were treated to the news of how Nokia’s shift in packaging strategy was going to result in a massive reduction in the number of trucks on the road, reduced use of paper and the additional bonus of incredible cost savings. Not only is the shift good for the environment, it helps the bottom line too. We’ve already seen the result of this coming through, with some of the packaging for devices diminishing in size (and looking much better for it too, in my opinion).

Now though the environmental people are looking into what could happen over time. Shipping phones without chargers (lots of people already have those) is one solution being investigated, with chargers being sited as one of the biggest challenges in getting the size of a device’s package down to something not much bigger than the phone itself. Selling devices without any packaging at all is another suggestion being mooted, and when we reported it earlier in the month, was received with what I thought was resounding enthusiasm (I’d expected the complete opposite).

So, Nokia’s environmental people, we salute you.

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