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GLOBALMorph managed to capture the imaginations of so many us when it was first unveiled as a concept device back in March 2008, showcased at the The Museum of Modern Art “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibition. By boldly waving a red rag of future mobile possibilities in front of our eyes and we collectively rushed towards it intensely intrigued.

It was a glimpse at a future, and not necessarily the future, nonetheless, looking forward inspired reaction, contemplation and an air of positivity and promise.

Something we reckon that is worth championing.

The concept emerged through a collaboration between Nokia Research Center and Cambridge University Nanoscience Center in the UK.

Perhaps the aspect that most fiercely tapped that nerve of excitement was the sheer nature of how untypical a future vision Morph really is – defying conventional routes of perceived evolution of mobile technology, and presenting a scenario that is barely tangible and verging on sci-fi. Regardless of the out-there-ness of the concept, it succeeded in sparking debate, fresh thinking and an openness to alternative approaches – as voiced by people such as Olga Kharif and his exploration of biomaterial research for devices in a special report he wrote for Business Week inspired by Morph.

Here’s an in-depth video that Reuters posted back when it was first announced.

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