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December 30, 2008

Best of 2008 in Our Business – Product Leaks

ESPOO, Finland – OK. Leaks have dominated our device launches this year, stealing, with different lead times, the thunder from the Nokia E71, Nokia E63, and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. But, it’s been interesting to watch, as well, how folks have been misled by fake-fakes, real-fakes, and what ever else the nasty cunning crafty Chinese counterfeiters can throw our way.

But will anything change for 2009?

Sure, I have said my piece in my rant-whine-cry-shout-grump-growl about product leaks and what they do to the market and the companies working on the products. And, the good thing is that it not only started a discussion outside our company, but also inside the company.

And I think the discussion inside the company has generated, at least on our side, a lot of good will to be more cautious and more conscientious about our materials, how we talk about devices, and all the hard work we put into a launch.

And, with foreshadowing of 2009, this caution has been working well, as shown by the amazing bomb we dropped on everyone when we announced the Nokia N97 – the one that DIDN’T leak.

So, yeah, expect a few more bombs from us because we didn’t trail a stream of leaked photos or mishandled prototypes or what. You’ll be surprised and quite happy.

Oh, was that almost a leak?

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