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January 2, 2009

Best of 2008 in Services – Mobile email and Mail on Ovi

GLOBAL – It always felt to me that we just weren’t getting it right with mobile email. Well, that was before this year, a year when Nokia really grasped the mobile email beast by the neck and wrestled it into something really good.

To start with, there has been a long beta period around Nokia Email before it went open, studying how folks use the service and providing a better mobile mail experience. We caught up with the product folks to learn more about this.

But there were a lot more shifts at Nokia around email, with far-ranging repercussions.

For one, Nokia exited the corporate mobile email software business. The model moving forward is to partner with vendors, as they have successfully done with Microsoft with Mail for Exchange. Next, Nokia picked up a leading mobile messaging company, Oz.

And, finally, the biggest move was Mail on Ovi, which is bringing email to the masses. A service equally easy to use from the large screen or small screen web, the expectation is that Mail on Ovi will be the first and only email service for many mobile phone users who do not have a PC but are itching to joining the Hyperconnected Age.

Really looking forward to what next year brings for Mail on Ovi.

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Image from Pink Sherbert Photography