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January 6, 2009

Nokia: number 1 computer maker in the world

GLOBAL – According to a report on, Nokia is the largest computer maker in the world. Not a bold claim or some poor addition, but it’s what happens when you compare Nokia’s smartphone sales figures against those of other smartphone makers, PDA brands and PC manufacturers. These numbers don’t include basic devices or Internet tablets, just smart phones. The equivalent of 13.8 per cent of the computer market.

Softpedia reference’s the fact Nseries devices have been known as multimedia computers for some time now, and indeed, they are that (or Mobile Computers, as they’re more commonly known today).

I think it makes for an interesting comparison. Sure, the smartphone doesn’t do away with the PC, nor is it meant to be a replacement. But, as smartphones get more powerful and laptops become more mobile, the lines are definitely blurring.

But is the title of number one computer maker justified? I happen to think it is. As Softpedia highlights, many smartphones now feature functionality as standard that didn’t come on PCs only a few years ago. The pace of evolution has been rapid and, with the incoming N97, still increasing pace. To that end, I think it is. How about you?