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January 13, 2009

Nokia Locate Sensor sparks widespread reaction and ideas

LAS VEGAS, USA – Wow, what a response the Nokia Locate Sensor has received since news broke of its appearance as CES 2009 late last week. It’s so encouraging to see such positive widespread online reactions and comments to this innovative prototype that has been developed by the Nokia Research Center, with most commenters hoping for Locate Sensor to become an official product.

Click through to read a brief round-up of reaction from across the web to Nokia’s never-lose-it gadget.

Plus, some commentators are already thinking up other ways Nokia Locate Sensor could be put to good use, as seen here…

Symbian Freak – “The possibilities are endless, for example it could be used by parents to easily monitor the location of their children and loved ones when they’re out at the neighborhood park, airport or even when they’re just playing in the backyard”

Here’s what a handful of other sites had to say. – “A tiny device that measures not bigger than a small thumb, the Nokia Locate Sensor can be attached to virtually any object a user desires… We won’t be seeing this go retail any time soon, but it would certainly be a good thing to have lying around.”

NokNok – “It’s still in the development stage, no doubt to make the whole design smaller and more power efficient still, and there is no world whether it will ever be released. However, we’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this one for further reference.”

YugaTech – “For people like me who always forget where I put stuff like car keys, the Nokia Locate Sensor is a big thing…Pretty nifty, huh? Hopefully, this prototype makes it to market and will be priced real cheap.”

Ubergizmo – “This is a concept, so hopefully they won’t have too much trouble coming up with a working prototype”

We’ll be following up with more news on Locate Sensor in the coming weeks, so make sure you keep an eye out for updates on this innovative concept from Nokia Research Center.

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