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ESPOO, Finland – The new Nokia N79 Active has jogged into view with a kit bag stuffed full of sports related talents. This healthy twist on Nokia’s smallest Nseries sees the N79 Active launch paired with a Polar Bluetooth WearLink heart rate belt. This smart piece of heart monitoring kit and the N79 Active will also take full advantage of a new version of Nokia Sports Tracker that will be released simultaneously when the new device begins shipping shortly.

Continue reading for more info on the new N79 Active and what you can expect from the upcoming version of Sports Tracker.

It’s interesting to see the N79 find a specific lifestyle niche and have it’s slight size exploited in this fashion, as it seems a very natural fit to have the smallest Nseries re-focussed for sport. When it ships it’s going to come packaged with an armband so the device can be strapped to you whilst simultaneously plotting your route on the new version of Sports Tracker via A-GPS, and Bluetooth-connected to the Polar heart monitor that also comes bundled with it.

Another smart addition to the new Sports Tracker app is the inclusion of marking your route with geotagged photos. This is sure to become a valuable tool when sharing routes online, and inspiring others with visual stimulus and enticing scenery of places you’ve passed on your route.

The N79 Active will also come with 4GB of onboard storage, included for the purpose of ensuring you’ve got plenty of space to store enough songs for a marathon session. It will be shipping soon in selected territories and will cost 375 Euros plus the usual taxes and subsidies.

What do you think to the whole concept of tailoring special editions of handsets for specific lifestyle purposes such as fitness? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.