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January 21, 2009

Nokia Image Space explores next gen photo sharing

TAMPERE, Finland – Nokia Image Space is one of the latest location based services in development at the Nokia Research Center – an intriguing project that’s exploring the concept of contextual photo sharing with some smart new features including the ability to automatically filter photos of an area by season or time of day.

We’ve just uploaded a video of Image Space being demoed by the Nokia Research Center team in Tampere to our Nokia Conversations YouTube channel.

Head inside for more details on this new breed of photo sharing service from NRC, and to watch a clip of Nokia Image Space up and running.

The idea behind Image Space is that communities build up an ‘image based mirror world’ – basically pulling together all the photos and location based info and hyperlinks related to that location, partly fueled automatically and partly fed by social collaboration and tagging photos with relevant and useful info.

One example being that you might want to share the experience with a friend of a local park you visited – they’d be able to see a satellite image of the park, then virtually wander through it as they digest pertinent pieces of multimedia, such as links to the history of the statues in the park and relevant sounds, such as concert music that was recently performed in the park. Also, as mentioned earlier, the concept is that you’d be able to filter images to paint a poignant representation of how you experienced it – so if you wanted to show someone a place in Autumn at dusk, you’d be able to tweak a set of simple filter parameters (pictured) to recreate the scene. Certainly an interesting twist, no?

Hit play on the video below to see an example of the Nokia Image Space service as the team at NRC Tampere envisages it.