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January 22, 2009

New videos, bulging batteries, and predictions

ESPOO, Finland – I apologize for not getting back to my semi-regular list of interesting links out there. I know that you folks like getting connected to new stories and to find out what are the things that interest us here at Nokia Conversations. Nonetheless, we’re still bookmarking and selecting favorites in the various services we use.

But today I decided to empty out my latest queue of links, so read on to be enlightened.

New videos

One things that has been keeping me away is that we’ve been procuring, editing, and creating new videos. One of my goals is to build up a steady stream of interesting and informative flicks. Sure, some might not be about the latest gadget, and granted, we might not be as bold as the guys who dunked a Nokia 5800 into a mug of beer, but all the videos we put in our YouTube channel should in some way give you a peek into what we do here.

And we got more coming, so feel free to tell us what you like and what you’d like to see (within reason, of course).

Batteries bloating

There were some recent stories about some Nokia batteries bloating. I was told this was affecting a limited number of batteries, is not unheard of, and is not dangerous. Nokia has a site ( for you to check up on battery facts, including the authenticity of your Nokia battery.

Batteries are crucial for mobility. Mobile devices are always at the the limits of what the available chemistry can do, packing amazing energy densities into small packs, and deploying fancy algorithms and processor tricks to lower energy consumption. And in direct conflict with that, not only are we asking our devices to do more, but we use them and fiddle with them a lot more.

Will the slow march of battery and processor improvements keep saving us, or will we start getting frustrated with a gap between what we want to do and what manufacturers can deliver?


Here at Nokia Connections, we try to understand where things are going (we wrote an article on some things we think will be big in 2009). One site that is bent on what will happen between now and 2020 is MOCOM2020, run by Monty Metzger. Monty has been reporting on trends for a long time and set up this project to gather folks to talk and think about the future of mobile media. He caught up with me at Le Web 08 and asked me some questions around Web and mobile (I got to plug a pet topic, netbooks, which it seems Monty investigated further). Here is the video below.

One more thing…

Every so infrequently I’ve posted a presentation on SlideShare. Alas, we seem to always be given these presentation on the condition we do not distribute them. Considering some recent news, I though I’d point out a presentation that talks about the company’s strategy and interests (and embedded below).

And I know the world is going through some tough times, but news like this always makes me smile (I wonder who from Nokia is talking to her).

Image from Adictive Picasso