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January 23, 2009

The Nokia 5800 hits Regent St, London with great expectations

LONDON, UK – James, Mike, and I have been harping about how the Nokia 5800 is the real sleeper of 2009. We’ve been hearing reports about how many have been sold in the past two months, and that’s with limited availability (hopefully more news later).

But today’s news is that the Nokia 5800 has come to the Nokia Flagship store on Regent St. in London. And, in contrast to other device launches there, we are pretty happy with the crowd.
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We’ve been following Rafe Blandford, from All About Symbian, who is there and it seems that a line was forming, despite the weather, already since 1am, with folks in sleeping bags. His impression from the crowd was that this is the most anticipated device of the year.

He’s been taking pics and uploading them to his Flickr account. There was a countdown timer (how funny) and they were giving out hand warmers and product demos for the folks waiting in line.
Ok, I’ll say it before you guys do, this is not normal for us. So, forgive us for tooting our horn. But, the 5800 has really been only in a few countries and it’s already doing so well. We expect it to do even better as it starts sales in the UK.
Image from RafeB