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January 26, 2009

Nokia Conversations, now available in audio


GLOBAL – We don’t like to stand still here at Conversations. The team have been busy working behind the scenes to put together something of a world first – the Nokia Conversations Blogbite. Together with Dan and Rob at Blogbite, a brand new service which takes the essence of a blog, such as Conversations, and turns it into an entertaining audio show, we’re bringing Conversations to an even wider audience, including the visually impaired, as well as enabling regular readers to listen at your leisure.

Blogbite is billed as the next evolution in the web and social media. Picking the highlights of the week from Nokia Conversations, the Conversations Blogbite will deliver a weekly round up of the key stories in a short, two to three minute, audio programme delivered in a radio style. If you’re too busy to visit the site, you can pick up the top stories just by listening to the Blogbite.

It’ll also make the site more accessible to the visually impaired, by delivering the key info in audio form.

Right now the Blogbite will be available to listen to direct on the site, but soon it’ll also be available on other channels, and on your mobile.

We worked together with the team behind Blogbite, Dan McGrath and Rob Knight. Dan is a former radio producer who worked with top UK radio presenter, Chris Evans and also wrote the theme tunes to a host of top UK TV programmes including the popular Strictly Come Dancing. Rob has mastered and engineered tracks for a number of bands and high profile producers as well as working on a range of TV shows and films in a post production role. For the last eight years, Rob has been working at the cutting edge of web and mobile technology.

The Nokia Conversations Blogbite will be released every Friday, and cover all the major stories published on Conversations that week. Like anything we do on Conversations though, we want to know what you think – let us know in the comments below.

Click here to listen to our weekly Blogbite