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February 2, 2009
Lumia – asking questions, sharing ideas

GLOBAL – The freshly launched has rolled out with a raft of thought-provoking questions answered by industry experts and thought leaders. Designed as an interactive platform (a fancy website) where users can contribute ideas and experts contribute thoughts and answers to a range of quite interesting questions. Experts include Wired Magaine editor Chris Anderson, Xprize Foundation CEO Peter Diamandis, Nokia’s VP of Maemo Ari Jaaksi amongst others.

Vernor Vinge is a former Professor of Mathematics and computer scientist as well as being author of a range of science fiction novels. He reckons that within our lifetime, we will create, or become, super-humanly intelligent critters. Check out his video below.

Chris Anderson did a talk at Nokia World 2007 about his new concept of Free. His introduction on Ideas Project takes that concept even further where he says “we’re building a country-sized economy based on ‘free'”.

I always find Chris Anderson fascinating, given his technology and economist background and his whole concept of Free is utterly compelling. He has a five part video which is well worth watching – check out one of the parts below.

The best part about all this is that for the next three months, more ideas and suggestions will be pulled together from users, and reacted to and highlighted to by the editors. There’s only one thing to do here guys, get involved.