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February 3, 2009

Nokia Dreams Workshop aids eco education via art

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Nokia is tremendously aware that improving sustainability and raising eco awareness, when it comes to mobile devices, can’t solely be addressed with the introduction of environmentally-minded products and practices – it has to stretch further than this, both internally, externally via projects such as we:recycle, and more gradually through the education of children and projects such as the recent Dreams Workshop recycle-themed art exhibition in Turkey.

Read on to find out more about the Recycling Dreams exhibition, and click through to see a gallery of the artwork created by the kids involved.

Way back in 2000, Nokia and the International Youth Foundation (IYF) teamed up to launch the Make a Connection Program, a worldwide initiative focussed on helping improve the life skills of young people. Realized by local non-governmental organizations, and with tangible goals such as improving child literacy and finding employment in the future, this collaboration sparked the creation of the art-focussed Dreams Workshop Project in Turkey in 2003. Since then over 30,000 children have taken part in thousands of events, with one of the most recent being the Recycling Dreams exhibition which took place at the tail end of last year at the TAV Galleria in Istanbul Ataturk Airlines International Terminal and lasted for almost two months.

The Recycling Dreams exhibition saw kids creating two and three dimensional art by re-using waste products. Scroll down to see some of their art.