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GLOBAL – As is the nature with these things, since the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic entered the wild we’ve witnessed a flurry of wonderfully helpful tips for the device emerge from expert sites and online community hubs. Now, I’m a huge believer in the power and uncapped value of communities getting under the skin of a device to help the anyone get more from that product, but this most recent blizzard of bite-size tips for the 5800 made me question why?

Should a community need to unravel the hidden intricacies of a handset to help others (granted more intrigued and hardcore users) squeeze the absolute most from the product they have purchased, or should that responsibility rest solely on the manufacturer’s shoulders? Granted, the beauty of this set up is that its many of you, the users living and breathing your devices, who are able to uncover hidden talents and tricks that even the creators of the product weren’t aware of – or I suppose in some cases, did not warrant as important. What do you reckon?

The fact is that Nokia does indeed offer official support pages with tips for getting more out of the devices you own, but there is an invisible cut-off point between the advice offered by Nokia and the many hidden tricks and yes, hacks, that spawn in unofficial community channels.

So as we’re in a relatively new mobile era of beta software being commonplace with innovation often requiring stability compromises, and firmware updates the norm, this culture of tips, workarounds and pseudo power-ups seems not only valuable, but essential.

As for the Nokia 5800, here are links to some of the best tips we came across this week:

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