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February 5, 2009

NokiaConnected champions local social storytelling in Nigeria and South Africa

NIGERIA & SOUTH AFRICA – We’ve just had our heads turned towards an interesting new website called Nokia Connected. It’s an online destination focussed on encouraging Nokia users in Nigeria and South Africa to connect and share their Nokia related stories and experiences with devices and services within its virtual walls.

It’s great to see that over 200 members have already signed up to become part of the community and begin sharing their Nokia tales. Click through to find out more about NokiaConnected.

Unlike here on Conversations, where we investigate and dig deep to bring you the untold and interesting worldwide stories of the people behind Nokia products and services, muse on the evolution of mobiles,design, future tech, the environment and our business, NokiaConnected is very much a regional social network where it’s about sharing local experiences with Nokia products and making a connection with like-minded users from your region. As the NokiaConnected site explains, “by registering on NokiaConnected, you’ll be able to create a profile, publish blog posts, read and comment on stories, enter exclusive competitions, and meet new friends.”

Are you based in Nigeria or South Africa? If so, why not head over to NokiaConnected, get involved and let us know what you think.