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February 6, 2009

Mobile shopping

GLOBAL – Ever thought about using your phone to store your shopping list? I hadn’t, ever. Looking through the finalists for the NavTeq Global LBS Challenge (a developer comp, designed to highlight top Location Based apps and services) I stumpled upon Yoose – a mobile wallet concept, but not as you know it.

Yoose wants to partner with stores to distribute loyalty cards, coupons and more to users phones. There’s no mention of getting money involved, but I can see the potential here, and I reckon it’s pretty huge. Oh, it’ll handle shopping lists too.

My wife and I always have the same problem, we’re in the wrong supermarket with the wrong loyalty card. Those cards are a big deal in the UK, where users get bonus points and discount vouchers and the store gets to know what you buy and when you buy it. Of course, it’s worth doing, as the rewards for the effort involved are pretty beneficial.

But, it’s another plastic card in my wallet. And given we’re not store-loyal, we can be shopping in any one of five supermarkets. That makes it five more cards. Take all that stuff onto my phone and I can have a loyalty card for every store I visit – with no added bulk. There’s a PC-based element to Yoose, where it seems you’ll be able to write and manage your shopping list, before pumping it onto your phone. This is all good stuff.

I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but I want this app. Now. How about you?

Photo by 8586443@N03