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February 7, 2009

Nokia and TED team up to crowd-source translators and find innovative Fellows

GLOBAL – Nokia and TED are far from strangers when it comes to collaboration, first teaming up around the Pangea Day events back in May 2008. If you’re new to TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design), it’s a fantastic organization that for 25 years has been delivering, in its own words, “Inspired talks by the world’s leading thinkers and doers”. In recent years these talks have gained a global audience of tens of millions thanks to the TED website, which freely hosts these hugely interesting presentations. We’re big fans, so it’s great to discover that Nokia and TED are cracking out an even bigger tube of collaborative glue, working together this year on an ambitious new TED Translated project powered by crowd-sourcing, and the fresh TED Fellows program.

Click through for more details on how Nokia and TED will be working together on TED Translated and TED Fellows.

Many of you may be familiar with the term ‘crowd-sourcing’ . It’s a term that refers to outsourcing a task to an open and totally unbiased community. Well, it’s this innovative crowd-sourcing method that Nokia and TED are planning to use to push the new TED Translated project – the shared goal being that many of the must-see TED Talks will be translated by the community into a multitude of languages, thus opening them up to a much wider audience, regardless of where that spark of interest emerges from – with no language hierarchy, this will ensure that even less dominant languages have an equal opportunity to appear in the TED Translated mix.

Nokia is also working closely with TED on it’s TED One Year Fellows program, a new collaboration that will see Nokia helping in the hunt for the best minds, fresh thinkers and leaders. Plus, Nokia has also announced that it will support TED Fellows with Nokia devices and airtime, in order to help them to communicate and push their ideas further and to as wide an audience as possible.

Here’s a TED Talk from back in 2007 (but still interesting and relevant today) featuring Nokia design anthropologist, Jan Chipchase.