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February 11, 2009

Nokia Locate Sensor: Your ideas?

UPDATE: We’ve  taken our favourite six ideas from your great suggestions below, and are now running a poll to find out which concept you like the best. Click to visit the poll and get your vote counted.

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GLOBAL – With the buzz surrounding Nokia Locate Sensor still reverberating, it got me thinking that there must be other uses for this innovative concept that have yet to be voiced, other than just finding your lost items and directing you to your favourite store in a shopping centre.

Debuted at CES and currently being trialed by the Nokia Research Center in over 40 locations, Nokia Locate Sensor surely has a multitude of other potential applications. What are your ideas? Can you think of a potential use for Nokia Locate Sensor that would make it even better? Click through and leave your ideas in the comments section.

Recently, we’ve seen ‘old’ tecnhology, such as SMS exploited to create new innovative mobile solutions, such as Nokia Life Tools, mPedigree and FrontlineSMS, so with that in mind it would make sense that an untapped innovation such as Nokia Locate Sensor is ripe for alternate thinking.

Once we get your ideas, we’ll set up a poll and get you to vote on the best suggestions, then we’ll take those ideas to the NRC team working on Nokia Locate Sensor, and do our best to get a response from them with feedback and thoughts on your concepts, including whether they’re possible. Let’s see where it goes.

So what do you think? Hit us with your ideas for other ways Nokia Locate Sensor could be used below.