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February 16, 2009

Mobile World Congress: Nokia booth tour

BARCELONA, Spain – Ufa. I’ve been at the booth all day. The first day is usually the busiest, as that’s when we do our main announcements and all (you can see by all our posts). The team here at Nokia Conversations has been working hard in the weeks leading up to today and we’ve been working hard today, too. Well, most of us have. Our server decided the traffic was too great and took some time off. The appropriate galley slaves have been flogged and we’re kicking ourselves for letting something so simple catch us unprepared (but, please forgive us, we only just booted up this new site).

We have more stuff coming over the rest of the week. But, for those of you who are not here in Barcelona, I’ve made a video of the activity at the booth (after the jump). Enjoy.