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BARCELONA, Spain – The new Nokia E75 has just officially emerged and marks a new breed of Eseries device. Just as the E71 broke new ground, the Nokia E75 is set to follow suit, cementing its unique place on the email and messaging scene as an ultra compact communicator.

Click through to find out the full story of what the Nokia E75 promises to deliver when it begins shipping in March. Plus, see it up close and in the flesh in our Nokia E75 photo gallery after the jump.

In brief

  • The first dedicated messenger to feature N-Gage gaming
  • A 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocuS
  • Integrated A-GPS with Nokia Maps
  • E75 also features a music player, with a 3.5mm earphone jack

The fiery red paint job (it’s also primed to launch in silver black and copper yellow) should be a giveaway that the Nokia E75 doesn’t follow any conventional paths. Add the fact that it’s the first Eseries device to support N-Gage gaming and you get a flavour of how progressive and exciting this pipsqueak pocket communicator truly is – it barely stretches that tape measure to 111.8mm x 50mm x 14.4mm, with a QVGA screen that measures in at 2.4-inches.

Here’s what Kai Oistamo, executive vice president at Nokia, had to say about the Nokia E75 and its inspiration:

“With the Nokia E75 we took a lot of inspiration from the Nokia 9300, which was our first mini communicator. Owners of the Nokia 9300 loved the messaging functionality a full keyboard provided, but also used the traditional phone keypad a great deal. With the Nokia E75 we kept these essential ingredients, significantly upgraded all of the features and made it as compact as possible.”

Squeezed into this compact shell are all the hallmarks of a leading Eseries device. The Nokia E75 comes loaded with the new Nokia Messaging service for slick email HTML email support. Plus it’s packing a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, high speed HSDPA access, integrated A-GPS with Nokia Maps, and a music player with a 3.5mm standard audio connector.

The Nokia E75 is expected to ship in March at an estimated retail price of €375, before taxes and subsidies.

Click through our gallery of photos of the Nokia E75, to get an up close look at this new Eseries device in detail. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.