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BARCELONA, Spain – Nokia today unveiled details of Ovi Store which is set to go live to consumers in May this year. Offering a range of content including applications, games, videos, widgets, podcasts, location-based applications and personalised content, Ovi Store will be available on S60 and Series 40 devices. The first device to include the mobile storefront on board will be the Nokia N97, set to launch in June. Meanwhile tens of millions of existing S60 and Series 40 devices will be able to take advantage of the store from May. Ovi Store is unique in its ability to target content based on where you are, when you’re there, why you are where you are and who else has downloaded similar content.

In brief

  • Ovi Store for S40 and S60 phones
  • Publisher registration open now
  • 300m users by 2012

Ovi Store includes a ‘social discovery’ feature which users will be able to activate so content used by their social network peers will automatically be highlighted and made available for download. With tens of thousands of applications, games and videos on offer, this will be a unique way to find and discover new content.

Location aware, Ovi Store will target users with tailored content, based on the users current locations. This will enhance the social discovery feature further, ensuring users first see the stuff that’s most relevant to them.

Mauro Montandaro, CEO of Fox Mobile Group said:

“Ovi Store will empower consumers around the world to take better advantage of the power of mobile through a new content discovery experience”

By 2012 an estimated 300 millions users worldwide will have access to Ovi Store, making it an incredible and unmatched opportunity for developers and content providers to make the most of the store. And, with four million registered developers now registered with Forum Nokia, applications already available for Series 40 and S60 devices will have a distribution channel through Ovi Store.

From today, content publishers will be able to register for the Ovi Store at Developers and publishers will then be able to upload content starting next month, in time for the May launch.