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February 19, 2009

Interview with Valtteri Eroma, head of design for Nokia Eseries

BARCELONA, Spain – Both the Nokia E75 and the E55 come with new or updated form-factors and materials. Valtteri Eroma is a driving force in making such design decisions as he heads the design team for all Eseries products.

I asked him to tell us about Eseries design, Nokia’s innovations in phone keyboards, and some special aspects of the E55.

To hear what he said, check out the video below.

Nokia has had QWERTY keyboards for some time now, starting with the Communicator back in the 90s. A few years back, the Nokia 9300 Communicator set the standard of usability in phone keyboards.

With the Nokia E75 and E55, Valtteri and his team pushed the design even further, working hard to innovate with both the format and the materials used in the devices.