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February 26, 2009

Monopoly on N-Gage next week

GLOBAL – One of the world’s best-selling board games, Monopoly, is set to hit N-Gage handsets next week. Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition by EA will be available to download and to celebrate it’s going to be available for the first month with 30 per cent off. When the game was first announced on last month, there was plenty of excitement. But that’s no surprise, given the game’s global nature, and appeal. I know i’m pretty excited about getting my hands on it.

N-Gage is going from strength to strength with 25 games now available to download and three more beyond Monopoly in the works.

Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition comes about on the back of millions of people around the world voting for their greatest cities, with the most popular being included in the game. Instead of Old Kent Road and Park Lane users will be buying and selling whole cities in this version. Dollars aren’t in the hundreds either, as users will be playing with millions of dollars in every deal. Even those famous Chance and Community Chest cards get in on the global feel with interesting facts and titbits about the world emblazoned on the cards. said

“EA’s take on the classic boardgame tends to be polished to a shine and very accessible indeed, so we’re hopeful of a worthwhile boardgame conversion.”

The game should be available to download sometime next week.