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February 27, 2009

Nokia 1600 phone found in fish belly… and still works!

ENGLAND, UK – I opened this morning’s edition of The Sun newspaper to find myself greeted with an image of a large fish with a Nokia 1600 poking out of its mouth. As you can imagine the story behind this bizarre image is just as strange, and turns out to be somewhat of a testament to the fortitude of many Nokia devices. The Sun reported that a Nokia 1600 was found inside the belly of a 25lb cod caught out at sea by a suitably surprised fisherman – even more surprising was the fact that the phone still worked and was able to make phone calls.

Read on for the full fishy details of what happened, and to post your comments on this stranger than fiction survival story.

The Nokia 1600 phone belonged to a guy called Andrew Cheatle, and had originally fallen out of his pocket near the sea shore. He was resigned to the fact that it had been swept away and lost in the big blue. However, a week later it was discovered in the stomach of a sizable cod by fisherman Glen Kerley, when gutting his catch. According to The Sun, Glen the fisherman removed the SIM card, popped it inside his phone, and called Andrew’s girlfriend (one of the numbers stored on the SIM) and explained the story to her. When Andrew received the handset back, dried it out, cleaned it up and it still worked and he is still using it. Granted, it was playing up a little and he decided to have the circuit board changed, but it was still able to make calls which is a great handset survival story.

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This has got to be one of the strangest Nokia survival stories out there, no? What do you think. Scribble down your thoughts in the comments section below.