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GLOBALText Art is an exclusive new mobile app for the Nokia E71. It has just become freely available for download, enabling you to type messages that automatically get generated into mind-bending art that you can share via MMS.

Part of a Nokia’s new Beautiful Connections project for the Nokia E71, the Text Art app is the brainchild of artist Marius Watz, a pioneer in a new digital medium called generative art – this fresh approach sees art automatically and organically created, brought to life by some pretty unique methods. Not a paintbrush or charcoal stick in sight.

Read on to find out how the Text Art app works, and to discover how you can create generative art desktop wallpaper, simply by talking, moving your arms or typing.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Text Art app on your E71 and fire it up you then type a message up to 40 characters long – hit OK and the bite-size bit of software transforms your words into a unique piece of MMS art that you can readily save and share. The main image above is a very flattering piece that I created (by typing a few words and hitting the OK button) in a couple of seconds.

Another of the standout Beautiful Connections concepts is an online Message Generator, that enables you to create freely downloadable desktop wallpaper images via a real-time interactive digital canvas… sounds complicated, but it’s really very easy. Your palette is your keyboard, computer microphone and webcam – hit record and you make a 15-second piece of linear art. Okay, it’s starting to sound complicated, but I swear it couldn’t be simpler – I coughed, had a bit of a stretch, started typing a few words, then said good morning to the cats and created this…

You should try it.