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LONDON, England – The Nokia N97 hasn’t even launched yet and it’s already snagged the number 3 slot on T3 magazine’s list of the 100 hottest gadgets. Drawn up by the editors of the esteemed tome, the N97 is credited with being “the cleverest, most technologically advanced handset to date”. Lofty praise indeed!

The Hot 100 list is put together by the folks who put the magazine together (disclosure: I was previously editor-in-chief of T3) who “trawl the corners of the globe for the most exclusive gear” before drawing up their list of favourites. You can see the full list in the latest edition (T3 is published in 24 countries around the world) or on the specially-created website that sits alongside

So, there are two other products ahead of the N97 in the list, which is a little disappointing, but we’re not bitter and tip our hats to the un-named here winner. The N97 wasn’t the only Nokia on the list though. In at number 24 came the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which the team described as an “excellent MP3 player” which also “has the ability to make phone calls”. The Nokia 96 snagged number 66 on the list whilst one of my personal all time favourites, the Nokia E71, was keeping the number 76 slot warm. Not bad considering the device has been on sale since last summer!

Check out the T3 Hot 100 here.