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GLOBAL – Packing FM radio with an internal antenna, the Nokia 5030 brings convergence to the masses, with its dual functionality and affordable price. Designed and created by a Nokia team based in Beijing, the Nokia 5030 doesn’t need a headset or external speakers for user to enjoy the built-in FM radio. Instead, a powerful loudspeaker on the back turns this mobile into a portable radio with 24 hours of listening time between charges (it also boasts 10 hours talk time).

Available in graphite or red, the device can be laid on its side in radio mode. It’s small and light too, at just 15mm thick and weighing in at 82g. The screen is 1.8-inches and the device also sports a one-touch radio key and channel selection keys. As you’d expect, all the standard phone fayre is on tap including concatenated SMS for long text messages, 500 person phone book (and space for up to 250 SMS messages). Useful in growth markets is the ability to phone share and track pre-pay usage. The device also packs a flashlight, and speaking clock and alarm and supports 75 languages.

Jo Harlow, Devices, Nokia puts some perspective on the volume of music devices created and sold by Nokia.

“We’ve sold more than 425 million devices with a digital music player and more than 700 million devices with an FM radio, which clearly shows that the mobile phone is the natural device for listening to the music and carrying it with you.”

FM Radio on mobile devices isn’t new. It’s been available as an option on a host of devices for some time now. However what makes this different is the inclusion of the antenna inside the device, and of course the powerful loadspeaker, making this a truly independent radio which users can use as is. The Nokia 5030 should begin shipping in the second quarter of 2009 with an estimated price of €40 before taxes and subsidies.