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March 26, 2009

Let’s pull the plug on energy waste

GLOBAL – That headline is the title of an internal campaign at Nokia to try and get everyone thinking about unplugging unused appliance to save energy (or to cut down on energy usage, depending on how you view it). The more astute amongst you (not including our RSS readers) will have noticed the countdown timer appear on the site. That’ll be ticking away the seconds until we hit earthhour, this Saturday, 28 March at 8.30PM local time in each country. Nokia supports and participates in EarthHour, which is organised by WWF, but it doesn’t stop there.

With a new site leading the message “let’s pull the plug on energy waste” Nokia is encouraging users all over the world to bring a new awareness to their individual energy use. Simply unplugging a device when it’s not in use can make all the difference. It might not seem much, when it’s just you on your own doing it, but when millions, or even billions around the world engage in the same practice, then it’ll make a huge difference.

The PlanetUnplug site enables users to create their own plug socket and leave it on a virtual wall, along with a pledge as to how you’ll change your energy usage. I’ve left mine (now I just need to work out what I’m going to unplug) and if you have a few minutes I’d suggest you head over and leave yours. Make sure you spend a few minutes reading the others two. Amongst the repetitive “singing in the shower” ones, you’ll find a few gems.

Visit to find useful downloads, tools, tips and news updates or get creative and visit Earth Hour’s Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and MySpace pages to add your video and Earth Hour pictures.

You can pick up a counter for your blog too, just head over to and take your pick.

Don’t forget to shut down this computer when you’ve finished using it!

And, 8.30PM local time wherever you are, this Saturday (28 March 2009) – switch off the lights.