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April 1, 2009

Ovi Store update – new partners, Heroes and project ‘Code named TEVA’

SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Nokia has signed a deal with sci-fi sage and the creator of Heroes, Tim Kring, to launch his latest project ‘Code named TEVA’ via Nokia’s Ovi Store this summer. As you’d expect from the man behind the twist-laden TV show, many details on the content are being kept firmly under lock and key. Yet we do have some fascinating first info to divulge (including the ‘Code named TEVA’ logo – pictured), plus more details on new partners joining the Ovi Store fold, ready for when its doors officially swing open in early May. Read on to find our more.

What we do know is that Tim Kring’s upcoming project ‘Code named TEVA’ is being dubbed a ‘multi platform narrative’, and promises to deliver an innovative new strain of mobile entertainment – you’ll be able to engage with the action both individually and as a group. Stretching the intrigue even further, project ‘Code named TEVA’ will debut on the Ovi Store when the first phase of the concept goes live this summer, rolling out regionally, and will then evolve by curiously stretching its tendrils to other mediums.

It’s interesting to hear Tim Kring’s thinking on this new partnership with Nokia through the Ovi Store:

“The ability to extend storytelling past traditional audiences and reach millions of Nokia consumers through the Ovi Store is very exciting. Mobile has reached a state of maturity where it is now a creative platform to tell, share and consume multi platform content and I intend to take full advantage of the infinite possiblities using technology and narrative.”

Alongside news of Heroes creator, Tim Kring, debuting his project ‘Code named TEVA’ on the Ovi Store, Nokia has ushered in yet more partners to the Ovi Store. Following word at Mobile World Congress (MWC) of brands including EA, Facebook, Fox Mobile, Glu, MySpace and Qik all signing up to Ovi Store, Nokia has today unveiled a new bunch of top content providers such as The Associated Press, Netflix, Paramount Pictures and Shazam.

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