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April 2, 2009

Giant Nokia 5800 XpressMusic versus pedestrians

ANTWERP, Belgium – A titanic working touchscreen version of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has debuted in the the Nokia Store in Antwerp, triggering a touch-a-thon from random passersby. Roughly four feet tall, this over-sized 5800 XpressMusic enables pedestrians to interact with the device and explore its talents, including messing with Maps, browsing photos and listening to tunes, all whilst stood on the pavement.

Read on for more about this giant Nokia 5800, and find out who’s behind the ‘iWindow’ tech powering this king-size caller.

The tech was developed by a team of touchscreen specialists at Visual Planet and implemented and distributed by the folk at Create Multimedia, who explain on their blog how it was done:

“Bypassers can control the mobile phone by touching the glass. Create Multimedia developed a Flash application similar to the phone’s interface. You can listen to music, look at maps, browse video’s, photo’s… The hardware we used was an iWindow Interactive foil combined with their unique daylight technology. This gave an awesome result even in bright sunlight. We also use the iWindow through glass sound system to play music on the street.”

Create Multimedia have also posted a video of the giant Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in action – click here to watch it.

Photo from Create Multimedia.