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April 3, 2009

Videos – More on the Ovi Store and Publish to Ovi

San Francisco, USA – Folks have been asking me to get a video explaining what the Ovi Store looks like and what the publishing process is like.

I’ve done a bit more. I’ve made a video of what the Ovi Store look like on a Nokia N85. I also spoke with Bill Perry, part of the Forum Nokia services team, who told me a bit about the publishing process, on how to get apps onto Ovi Store. Also at the Nokia booths at Web 2.0 Expo, there were a few developers who are making stuff that will be distributed through the store starting in May 2009. So, I made a video of one of them.

So, enough prattling by me, click through to see the three videos below.

A peek at the Ovi Store


Bill Perry explains the Publish to Ovi process


Associated Press News app on the Ovi Store