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The Ovi Store makes grabbing new apps and content for your Nokia phone as simple as tapping a couple of buttons. There’s no need to use a computer to load content onto your device, since it’s smart enough to do the hard work itself, and its smart personalisation skills means the Ovi Store will even suggest things you might like based on your interests, previous purchases or location.

If your friends are using Ovi Store too, it could show you the things they’ve enjoyed from the store, so you’re not just trusting the judgement of strangers, and it’ll balance your own history with location and other data to serve up new and exciting downloads every time.

What they say

“Ovi Store has been announced, and many people just saw another smartphone applications shop. But it’s actually a lot more than that, and its launch could be the most significant thing Nokia has done since entering the mobile phone business.”

If you only do one thing

Download an app! Sure, you’ve listened to music and watched video on your phone, but the Ovi Store’s core purpose is filling your pocket with the best bite-size mobile apps. There are plenty of free apps available so getting started needn’t cost you a penny, and once you start installing them you simply won’t be able to stop.


Ovi and above the call of duty

The Ovi Store doesn’t just shovel content to your phone, it interacts with it in very clever ways. Here are six ways Nokia’s Ovi Store has the edge.

Adobe Flash
This multimedia powerhouse runs the Ovi Store’s interface, making it slick and speedy. Nokia’s phones are amongst the few in the world the the muscle to run Flash, making using Ovi Store a unique experience.

The Ovi Store uses your phone’s location to suggest apps you might need. Just stepped off a plane? Ovi Store will know where you are and suggest city guides or maps.

Nokia’s next-gen gaming platform is supported by Ovi Store, with top quality games from Fox Mobile, EA Mobile and Glu all available from day one.

Ovi Store integrates with your phone’s address book. It knows if your friends all rated an app, movie or music track highly and will suggest it to you too, so you don’t miss out.

As well as supporting Nokia’s most powerful smartphones, Ovi Store works with handsets running Nokia’s mid-range S40 handsets. That’s important, as there are now no barriers to downloading content.

Operator billing
Not comfortable handing over your credit card details when buying content? That’s fine – Ovi Store can add the cost of any purchases to your mobile bill, keeping everything nice and neat.