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Nokia knows you use your phone for more than making calls and sending texts. It’s also a personal entertainment centre, and a constant companion. Right? Even when you go for a run, hop on a bike or strap on your skis. That’s why it created Sports Tracker, a fiendishly clever app that tracks your activities and helps you train so you can improve over time.

Using the power of GPS, Sports Tracker knows how far you’ve travelled, and even works out the additional effort of pushing yourself up hills thanks to GPS measurement of altitude. It weighs up tons of data to give you an accurate reading of your speed, effort and, of course, time. All that information can be plotted onto maps and shared with others through the Sports Tracker website, or kept for your private perusal.

Other smart touches are included too – this isn’t a dull calorie counter with maps built in – as Sports Tracker will also let you snap photos as you go about your exercise, tagging them to your route and sharing them on the web.

What they say

“Sports Tracker isn’t just for fitness nuts. Travelers can share data about their trips with family and friends by way of a travel map accompanied by images and videos taken along the way.”

Jason Harris,

If you only do one thing

Share your training stats via Sports Tracker. There’s no pressure to share your stats straight away, but it’s a great way to build your motivation. You can compare your performance with others and set yourself goals. It’s a great way to gain confidence too.


Sporting numbers to make you sweat

Sports Tracker is all about collating data and using it to your advantage. Here are some sports stats you probably didn’t know.

The world record for miles run in 24 hours. That’s over six marathons in a single day – Guinness World Records

3.5 billion
The number of people who watched the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was the same as the total global population in 1972 –

The maximum number of kilometers that make up the Tour de France, although it varies slightly from year to year.

The length in meters of the world’s longest skis, worn by 1,043 skiers 2008 during an event held by Danske Bank on Drottninggatan in Örebro, Sweden. – Guinness World Records

The altitude in feet of the world’s highest marathon, running down Mount Everest –