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April 20, 2009

Getting under the hood of Green Explorer

GLOBAL – We caught up with Minna Lindholm who looks after environmental affairs for services at Nokia to find out more about Green Explorer, the new travel application and service. The service is designed to help you decide where to go, how to get there and what to do when you’re there. The idea pushes the environmental aspect by trying to provide small solutions and actions which when combined have a greater (or lesser, depending on how you look at it) impact on the environment. The route track service helps you to decide the best way to travel, by showing the cost, time and CO2 impact of the different options available (rail, road, plane), depending on where you’re going.

Nokia has teamed up with green travel site to help provide more info on locations. WWF too are involved and between them are providing city guides for 10 cities (with more to come) and country information on 30 different destinations. There’s also a news feed available with the latest green travel news and the service is available on your phone, or through the web.

Green Explorer is all about users though, and you can easily add your own travel tips and experiences or even ask questions – all of which is available to other users. The more that use the service, the more useful it becomes.

Although I’d known about Green Explorer before, I’d not actually explored it very deeply. It looks pretty compelling to me and I’m even going to try it out over the next few weeks. I’d suggest you do the same and let us know what you think here. Meanwhile, Minna Lindholm explains in the video below the main benefits of the service.