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April 23, 2009

Nokia 6216 classic marks the coming of age of Near Field Communication

MONACO, Monaco – Nokia today unveiled it’s third Near Field Communication (NFC) handset in the shape of the new Nokia 6216 classic.

If you’re coming to all this cold, NFC is a new breed of technology that lets you tap a handset against any other NFC-enabled device or tag to pay for stuff securely, perform ticketing transactions and share content.

The reason today’s release of the Nokia 6216 classic is particularly significant in enabling NFC to mature, and blend more prominently into the array of mobile services out there, is that this is the first SIM-based NFC device. This means that operators can now build NFC services directly onto the SIM card, paving the way for widespread touch to pay and ticketing opportunities.

Jeremy Belostock is the guy heading up NFC at Nokia. Click through to read what he has to say, and to watch videos of Jeremy talking about how NFC works and the benefits of this new strain of technology.

“The Nokia 6216 classic will be amongst the first commercial devices in the market complying with operator requirements using the SIM card in connection to secure transactions with Near Field Communications. With the Nokia 6216 classic in your pocket and the ticketing applications on the SIM you can replace the multitude of cards in your wallet. Having the applications on the SIM consumers can bring their secure applications to their next Nokia NFC enabled phone.” Jeremy Belostock, head of near field communications at Nokia

Jeremy stepped in front of the lens back at The Way We Live Next event to chat about how NFC works.

Also, a year ago I caught up with Jeremy to ask him about the benefits of NRC and challenges raised by bringing any new variety of technology into the world. Some interesting thoughts that are still very valid today.

The Nokia 6216 is a Series 40 handset featuring 3G, 2 megapixel camera with flash, media player, Bluetooth, supports up to 8GB of storage via a microSD card and comes with three pre-programmed NFC tags in the box. It’s slated to go on sale in the third quarter of 2009 for around 150 Euros before takes and subsidies.

Take a closer look at the new Nokia 6216 classic by clicking through the photo gallery below.