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April 23, 2009

What makes a flagship device – poll results

GLOBAL – The votes have been counted (almost 600 of them) and the results are in. And interesting they are too. We asked “what makes a flagship device?” and listed a range of possible answers. In many cases, instincts were proved right, with technology and specifications proving themselves to be the most important aspects of any flagship model. “Technologically” advanced clinched 19 per cent of the votes, a clear lead over “most fully-featured” which snagged second spot with 15 per cent.

Breaking new ground, best specification, materials and design combined to snag 47 per cent of the votes. Market related topics such as price, affordability and availability appear to be much less important and combine to take only 14 per cent of the votes. It seems the term flagship is quite clearly about the product, and everything else is periphery.

So, no surprises there really. For me a flagship device has always been about innovative features and design. It has to be pushing the envelope, taking things one step further (or one louder, for Tap fans). Whether or not a device is available globally doesn’t seem to matter so much, relative to the product itself at least. This surprised me a little, as I thought it might be higher on people’s agenda.

Thanks to all of you who took part. We have one more flagship treat up our sleeves, hopefully we’ll have it ready for you tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you can see the results for yourself below. If you haven’t already voted, you can jump over now and do it. We’ll keep the vote open for the duration.