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April 24, 2009

Breaking world records

MOUNT EVEREST, Nepal/China – Two cricket teams climbed to the Everest base camp earlier this week to play a game of cricket, raising money for charity and breaking the current world record for the highest game of cricket ever played. The expedition team, sponsored by Nokia Maps, set off on their journey from London on April 9 and reached their destination, the Gorak Shep, nine days later.

The two teams were named after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, who were the first to scale Everest in 1953. There were 30 players, umpires, medics and a Guinness representative forming part of trek alongside assistants and guides to form a 50-strong team for the climb.

The match was played on Wednesday on the Gorak Shep, which is a plateau near the Everest base camp. Although barren, the team made the most of the flat surface by bringing their own pitch, stumps and score board (necessary to make the record official).

Team Hillary took the win with 5 for 152 leaving the losing Team Tenzing with 116 all out.

The Twenty20 cricket match was played at 5,165m on Mt Everest and although done in the presence of a Guinness representative, is still to be verified officially. I can’t see anyone denying it though – I’m sure it’s just a case of ensuring all the boxes are ticked.

It’s an amazing achievement and all involved have spent a long time training for what is a grueling expedition. The team are hoping to raise over half a million dollars for charity too, which will be an even bigger achievement. We say, well done!

You can follow the whole expedition, and check out the gallery at the Everest Test website.