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Nokia Messaging brings email to mobiles without the need for a special phone, special email address or special mobile tariff. It’s designed to democratize email on the move, since it’s completely free, works with any email address and across a bunch of the most popular Nokia phones.

Up to 10 email addresses can be used with the Nokia Messaging service, which checks them for you, before pushing new messages direct to your handset. It’s disarmingly fast, easy to set up and supports HTML email as well as plain text messages. It’ll even work with the world’s largest email providers, including Hotmail, Google Mail and Yahoo! Mail, so there’s no reason not to keep in touch on the move.

Setting up Nokia Messaging is free, so all you need to worry about is making sure you’re on a data tariff. Nokia Messaging takes care of the rest.

 What they say

“Nokia Messaging simplifies the mobilization of email. This new solution allows the easy access and use of multiple email accounts, by simplifying the process and removing complex steps”



If you only do one thing

Add all your email addresses. Tap in all your details and let Nokia Messaging handle the tricky stuff. It can take charge of up to 10 addresses, so the days of only having work email on your work phone are long gone. Now all your accounts can be accessed anywhere.


Lesser used alternatives to email

Nokia Messaging is all about keeping in touch wherever you are. Here are some other ways you could do it, but we can’t promise they’re as easy.

Smoke signals
Invented in the 5th century BC, and still used today by the Catholic Church to signal the selection of a new Pope.

Waving flags in combination to signal letters and quick messages, either by hand or through an automated Semaphore Tower.

Morse code
Invented in the 1840s, but rising to prominence in the Second World War, the Morse Code for SOS was accepted as a universal signal of distress up until 1999.

Invented around 1915, is still used in advertising today, making patterns in the sky with smoke, usually as part of an air show or advertisement.