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Beta Labs
is Nokia’s playground for its crack team of software developers. It’s where the latest apps pop up first, new ideas are explored and shared with the public, and the whole place teems with fun tools and helpful software.

Big-name apps such as Nokia Maps and Sports Tracker first appeared inside Nokia Beta Labs, before graduating and becoming standard software on select Nokia handsets. Of course, not every app that debuts through Nokia Beta Labs makes it to the big time, but if you want to know what the next big thing will be, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here first.

A word of caution though: Most of the software in Beta Labs is still in testing, and is likely to have at least a couple of bugs. Don’t worry too much though, Nokia has applied a simple ‘bug meter’ to each piece of software, so you can see at a glance whether there are known issues or not. There are also user reviews, so you’ll be able to pin down the most popular software in seconds.

What they say

“I think this an awesome program that Nokia runs. They are always hard at work trying to make your life easier and more productive with their phones and applications”

Mike Macias,

If you only do one thing

Download a cutting-edge beta application. There are tons of neat toys waiting to be discovered in Beta Labs, but you won’t know how good they are until you get stuck in. Don’t be shy, all the apps are free, and while there may be the odd bug, your feedback will help refine the software until it’s perfect.


Beta what? It’s all Greek to me

Beta is, of course, is the second letter of the Greek alphabet. Here are other places the Greek language has slipped into high-tech parlance.

  • The word “technology” comes from the Greek word “technologia” meaning “the systematic treatment of an art, craft, or technique” –


  • Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. “Alpha software” is the first version of an app. It’s usually bug-ridden, and not ready for public use.


  • Gamma rays are a type of short wave electromagnetic radiation. They’re lethal to organic material and used to sterilise equipment. Gamma is the third letter of the Greek alphabet.


  • Epsilon, the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet, has cropped up in character naming in computer games from Sonic Adventure to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Dead or Alive 2. – Wikipedia