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April 27, 2009

Email with ease, in India

INDIA – Nokia India has created a handy website,, to help users there get to grips with mobile email. Focusing on the soon to launch E75, the site walks users through a host of scenarios to highlight the benefits of mobile email. It also provides a range of how to videos, to show how easy it is to complete a range of mobile email related tasks.

You can explore the E75 in depth through video demonstrations, created using a mixture of animation and real people. Conveying something from a mobile device is never easy, as it can frequently be too specific to a task, but the folks at Nokia India have done a really good job of getting the key points across.

Learning how to get the most out of mobile email is a cinch too. Video tutorials covering a range of topics including viewing and editing attachments, emailing calendar entries and accessing colleague’s email addresses over Mail for Exchange help users instantly get to grips with the more complex functions.

There’s also a forum and support centre for people to share questions and problems and crucially, get answers. If you’re new to mobile email in India, I’d highly recommend going and taking a look.