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GLOBAL – The S60 Twitter app on everyones lips (or rather beaks) at the moment is the quite brilliant Gravity. It’s interface is extremely clear, and it’s tough not to get suckered in by its velvet-smooth transitions and ease of use. That said it’s a paid-for S60 Twitter app and one of the pricier ones. But with this week’s emergence of the smart new Twittix S60 app (pictured), which is the highest flier of all S60 Twitter apps? Is Twibble the wind beneath your tweeting wings (it has recently been updated with new features)? Or Stew for the Nokia 5800 or Dabr? Is there some other S60 Twitter app we haven’t heard about that deserves shouting about? Let us know your favourite in our new S60 Twitter app poll below.

What’s you’re favourite Twitter app? We’ve listed the most prominent S60 Twitter apps and put them in alphabetical order, so take your pick and click.