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May 5, 2009

Nokia Point and Find video

GLOBALNokia Point and Find landed in the UK and USA early last month, and now the folks at Betalabs have put together a neat video highlighting the key features. If you haven’t heard about Point and Find before, it’s a new service that enables you to get up to date info about a product or service, on your phone. Right now info on movies are available, but more products and services will be added over time.

Sophie-Charlotte Moatti talks us through how the service works in the video below. Once you’ve downloaded the app from, you can fire it up and point your device’s camera at a movie poster. The app will quickly locate the movie and with it a host of options, including reviews, ratings and even your nearest cinema (the service uses the GPS in your device to work out your location, before suggesting nearest theaters).

Pointing works regardless of the weather and you can even point at an angle – there’s no restriction like having to be right in front of the poster. Alternatively, you can use text entry to access info through the service, simple type in the name of the movie you’d like to know more about. You can even buy tickets to the next show over your device.

The range of supported devices is limited right now, but more will be added in the near future. Alongside products like the E71 and N96, we’ll see support for newer products like the 5800 and N97 coming online before too long. Later in the year there’ll also be a Java client which will work on most S40 devices.

Check it out now at Early users can also leave feedback and suggestions at BetaLabs.