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May 8, 2009

Nokia developer summit video round up part 2

MONACO, Monte Carlo – Continuing yesterday’s collection of videos from the inaugural Nokia Developer Summit, held last week in Monaco, where James Etheridge got to speak to some interesting industry folks involved in creating the software we all use. Forum Nokia has been increasing its role in software development over the past couple of years and Pekka Pohjakallio talks about what it means to developers, and why publishing software to Ovi Store is a good thing for all involved. He highlights having access to 50 million devices from launch, as being a pretty powerful incentive for developers to get involved.

James also caught up with Benoit Schillings and Thiago Macieira from Qt (pronounced ‘cute’) software about the platform that enables developers to create applications for multiple operating systems, without having to redevelop the software each time. We have the first video with these two today, but we’ll be back Monday with the second as these guys have some interesting stuff to reveal.

Finally, we have David Rivas VP Nokia who looks after software at Nokia. He reveals some interesting stuff, including Nokia’s background in software, why it’s important, what’s happening with Symbian and most interestingly his prediction that Symbian will soon support multiple processors. Enjoy the show(s) after the jump!

Pekka Pohjakallio, VP Services, Nokia

Benoit Schillings, Chief Technologist and Thiago Macieira, Senior Product Manager, Qt Software

David Rivas, VP Nokia